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The Paper Problems Facing Inpatient Care

Why did you get into healthcare?  More than likely you got into healthcare because you want to take care of people.  However, a good portion of your time is spent shuffling paper and chasing down lost forms.  

You have better things to do than struggle with putting sticky labels on mountains of forms, chasing down the latest versions of forms, searching for lost forms, etc.

You want to deliver good patient care and it's our goal to free you from the paper struggles that hinder you from doing just that.

You and your patients deserve better than paper...


Better Patient Care Through Paperless

Making your life easier is our goal. What's the point of having technology that's hard to use!

Access eForms provides you with paperless EHR integrated and tablet-enabled eConsent solutions that are a natural extension of your current workflow. The eForms are intuitive for your patients to use improving upon their patient experience. Completed eConsents are sent directly to the patient's record, and they never get lost.  

Ultimately we help keep you focused on providing quality patient care, and helping patients get back on their feet. After all that's what you got into healthcare for in the first place, and we want our technology to support your ability to deliver on that as much as possible.



EHR Integrated Clinician Experience

We focus on making life easier for your Clinicians and we achieve this by seamlessly integrating our solution inside their EHRuser interface experience.


Mobility & Bed-Side Capabilities

We design our solutions to make bringing eConsents to patients at their bed-side easy for your Clinicians, and straightforward for your patients.


An Intuitive Patient Experience

Our approach is not complicated. Just make the patient experience simple and straightforward when it comes to electronically signing eConsents. After all your patients have enough to worry about on their day of surgery.

Our 3-Step eConsent Process


Step 1 | Shape

Our solutions automatically initiate the Informed Consent process and marry the proper procedure content onto the forms.  The forms are then staged inside of their patient chart thanks to our EHR integration.


Step 2 | Sign

The eForms can be transferred to a tablet via our EHR integrated "hand-off" feature.  The patient can then intuitively view, and eSign their forms right on the tablet.


Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed it is electronically and automatically sent to the patient's chart for storage and archival.  Lost forms are a thing of the past!

eConsent Demo-on-Demand

Have a quick look at our solution with our "demo-on-demand." When you're ready to have discussion about how we can solve your paper troubles then just reach out to us.

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Operating Room

Handwritten Procedure Content & Malpractice

Handwriting procedure content onto paper Informed Consents is time consuming for your surgical team, but more costly is the malpractice risk it introduces. Critical procedure risks may be illegible or left off of the form entirely.

We eliminate both of these issues as our eConsent solution includes peer reviewed managed procedure content that we can dynamically place onto your eConsents. 

We manage the content, and reduce your risk exposure. You focus on patient care.


Automated Form Selection

Our business rules engine automatically selects the forms  your patients need to eSign


EHR Integration

We designed our solutions to seamlessly integrate into your EHR system. It's all about keeping your users inside of their EHR experience.


An Intuitive Tablet Experience

When it comes to capturing patient eSignatures at the bed-side  tablets work best. They also promote an intuitive electronic experience considering the patient can view their digital form in it's entirety.  


Rapid Implementation

We've converted hundreds of hospitals to paperless processes, and we know how to get you to there. Our Services include a rapid implementation pathway to get you to "paperless" as quickly as possible.

A Business Case your CFO will appreciate

It's one thing to want an eForms and eConsent solution to solve your paper problems, but it's another thing to convince the Executives that it's business move too.  We've done all the heavy lifting for you to help you present a solid business case they'll appreciate.

Learn more in our strategy guide and playbook


Explore by EHR

EHR integration is EXTREMELY important.  Your users need an eConsent and eForms vendor who focuses on keeping your users within their EHR experience as much as possible.  Our goal at Access is to be so cleanly integrated into your users EHR experience that they never know they're using something other than EHR for eConsents and eForms.  Click on any of the below to see how we do that


Prelude, ClinDoc, Radiant, OpTime, and more. We've got you covered with smooth Epic integration.


Our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH is deep and rich. Through our joint development we create meaningful integrated solutions. By the way, MEDITECH is an Access customer too!


Our Cerner integration keeps your users inside their Cerner experience. If you go to the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC) you'll find Access there.


An integrated partnership directly with your EHR provider sure is helpful, and that's exactly what we have with athenahealth. Check out Access on the marketplace.


Begin your paperless journey today

Are you ready to begin your paperless process? Just reach out to us today and our expert "paperless guides" will show you the way.