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Clinical Consents Fact Sheet

Download the Access eSignature Platform quick-factsheet for clinical informed consent to learn about the key impact areas including 14% reduction in surgical delays, paper reduction, ROI, details about our integrated partnerships, links to demo's on-demand, ebooks and more...

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Keep Your Operating Room On-Time

Never Lose an Informed Consent Ever Again

Your operating room is a top-tier revenue source for your hospital, but it’s also one of the most expensive areas to operate. Lost paper-based informed consents can delay your OR, costing you time, money, a frustrated surgical team, and a scared and unhappy patient. Eliminate the paper, keep your OR ontime, keep your surgical team focused, and improve your patient’s experience with the EHR-integrated patient eSignature platform from Access.

the cost of a lost informed consent in surgical services is $60 per minute

Seamless EHR Integration

Your doctors and nurses live within their EHR system and they need solutions at their fingertips. The Access patient eSignature platform is so seamlessly integrated into the user interface of your EHR that users won’t know they’re using another system. Extend the power of your EHR system by incorporating the integrated patient eSignature platform from Access.

Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH integrated patient electronic signature solutions

Contactless Check-In

Extending eSignature to Patients Outside Your Hospital

As a result of the pandemic, many traditional processes are no longer feasible or effective. Access eSignature solutions extend to patients outside of your hospital, affording a contactless check-in process that minimizes waiting room congestion, making it safer for patients and staff.

a patient completing an eConsent form at home for contactless check-in at the hospital

Improve Compliance

Experience the Power of Standardized Procedure Content

Each informed consent required specific information relative to the surgical procedure being performed. Managing this information and ensuring that your surgeons are adhering to a “best practice” standard can be a compliance nightmare. The Access patient eSignature solution is capable of incorporating best practice and peer-reviewed procedures directly into your electronic informed consents. Eliminate the handwritten variable procedure content, improve compliance, and make life easier for your surgeons and nurses with the EHR-integrated patient eSignature solution by Access.

improving compliance with standard procedure content on electronic informed consent forms

Patented "Handoff" for Easy Tablet Utilization

Easily transfer electronic consents requiring a patient’s signature from a clinical workstation to a tablet for bedside eSignature capture with our patented “handoff” functionality. The “handoff” functionality is just another example of how we design our solutions to make the lives of your doctors and nurses easier.


We Make a Happier Surgical Team

In our 20 years of helping over 1,000 hospitals successfully implement patient eSignature solutions, we’ve learned a thing or two about what really frustrates your surgical team and what makes them happy. Your surgical team has enough going on, and it is frustrating when lost paper informed consents delay an OR procedure. By eliminating paper with an EHR-integrated eSignature solution that is readily accessible to your doctors and nurses, you are able to eliminate frustrations and keep your surgical team focused on what’s most important: providing quality patient care. When your surgical team is able to focus on doing what they do best, that’s when they--and their patients--are happiest.

Happy Medical Team

Reduce Legal Risk Exposure

Between losing paper forms, missing doctor signatures, and information that’s out of compliance, there are plenty of ways that paper forms introduce legal risk to your hospital. It also adds significant stress for your doctors. The EHR-integrated patient eSignature solutions reduce these common paper-based risks down to virtually zero, freeing your hospital and doctors from the financial and emotional costs associated with unnecessary malpractice lawsuits. 

reducing medical malpractice claims with patient electronic signature

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Hospitals require patient signatures on a variety of complex forms across multiple departments. Access provides the best and most comprehensive healthcare-focused eSignature platform in order to meet the unique needs of hospitals, including remote eSignature capabilities for services such as telehealth, pre-registration, and contactless check-in.



Access eSignature platform gives you the most efficient and effective technology tools, whether you need to capture a patient’s signature on an eConsent or you require additional functionality in the way of physician signature capture, data capture, rules-based data validation, rules-based workflows, or data integration with other systems.



Access is the only partner you need to address any patient electronic signature need across the entirety of your healthcare ecosystem. We believe technology is important, but so are relationships. With Access, you get a single point of contact that gets to know you, your team, and your hospital. Working with people you know and trust will allow you to get things done faster and more effectively.

Your Single Patient eSignature Solution For the Entire Enterprise

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Our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH is deep and rich. Through our joint development we create meaningful integrated solutions. By the way, MEDITECH is an Access customer too! (CLICK HERE)


Prelude, ClinDoc, Radiant, OpTime, and more. We've got you covered with smooth Epic integration.

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Our Cerner integration keeps your users inside their Cerner experience. If you go to the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC) you'll find Access there.