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It was better than good. It was excellent. You all go above and beyond in every way. Thank you.
Chris did a fantastic job responding to my support request, spending an hour going through everything I needed step-by-step and answering all my questions. A+ experience. Thank you!
I appreciate Charles for his immediate response and remediation of our production issue. Thank you!
Kristen responded very quickly to this non-urgent issue to setup a time to review. We set a time a few hours in the future but within 10 mins she had dialed in, diagnosed what she thought was the issue and was ready for us to test it out. As it turns out that did fix it and she gladly provided more details on a few follow up questions which we greatly appreciate.
Scott is so responsive and always willing to help, teach, and talk through issues!
Sherri Dowdle was awesome! Due to the winter storm that affected much of the nation last week, the on-call support number was not working as expected. I sent an email to Sherri and she responded right away with the correct solution, even though the issue was outside of her wheelhouse. We applied the solution and our issues were resolved immediately. Thanks Sherri!
Steve provides the best support. Every experience with him is a good one. He knows his stuff.
freeman health
Excellent support and assistance from Wasanaa.
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