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Let's be safe folks.  Remote demos are a good idea...

Paperless Solutions for epic_logo

These certainly are strange times.  HIMSS has been cancelled, we've had many onsite presentations cancelled, etc.  We know many of you are experiencing changes to the way you work, and we want to stay in step with that.  As a result we've provided a remote demo of our solutions that you can watch on your own time.

Take a look to see how we can convert your difficult paper processes into Epic integrated & tablet-enabled eForm solutions.


Informed Consents at Bed-Side

Paper-based Informed Consents cause big problems for hospitals when they get lost.  Epic integrated and tablet enabled Informed Consents through Access eliminate the paper, keep your OR on time, and improve the patient experience. 


Calculate What Paper Informed Consents Cost Your Hospital



Hear from Customers

What is it like to partner with Access to convert your "paper-gaps" into Epic integrated eForms and eConsent solutions?  Hear firsthand from customers about how they've leveraged Access solutions to improve their business and improve their lives.


Paperless Digital Playbooks & Strategic Guides

We've seen eForms strategies play out very well for hospitals and other strategies fail miserably causing big problems.  Learn from the collective experience of other hospitals through these comprehensive digital playbooks to ensure your eForms and eConsent process is on a guaranteed path to success.

Enterprise Patient eSignature Strategy Guide

Enterprise Patient eSignature Strategy Guide & Playbook

Tablet and Peripheral Playbook for Hospitals

Tablet and Peripheral Playbook for Hospitals