Can we use tablets with your solution?

Certainly. Who wants to be tied to a cord all day? Access Passport forms can be accessed and completed on any device with a web-browser.

Can we use a mixture of LCDs and tablets?

Absolutely. We see this quite often because the needs of the clinical or administrative area using the forms really drives the hardware decisions. In some cases, LCD pads work best, while in others, the mobility of a tablet is critically important.

Does your eSignature solution only work for Registration forms?

No. We can gear our eSignature solution toward your Registration needs if that area is your primary focus. But Access eSignature solutions are perfectly suited for many areas of the hospital—Surgical Services, Radiology, HR and Materials Management, just to name a few.

Can your eForms solution work for back-office forms?

Yes. In healthcare, obviously patient-centric forms and physician-centric forms get most of the attention. But our Passport solution allows you to apply that same great paperless efficiency to employee forms as well. In fact, we run our own business using Passport.

Can forms be routed for approvals?

Yes. And because you can track forms, you aren't ever left wondering what in the world happened to a form you submitted.

Are eForms trackable?

Always. Every single time a user submits a form, Passport assigns a tracking number to that form as it exists at the time of submission. It’s one of the big reasons auditors love us!

Can form routing be dynamic and rules-based?

You bet. Suppose a patient checks a "No" box on a particular form. Maybe that’s just fine; no follow-up needed. But let’s say that response kicks off a workflow and requires somebody to review the patient’s answers or ask a few more questions. That’s incredibly easy to do.

Can eForms be sent to multiple people simultaneously for approval?

Yes, incredibly easily! Just another way eForms run circles around sad paper forms.

Can data be dispersed to different systems?

Yes. All the data collected in a form is discrete data. So Passport can write that data back to another system or systems via Web Services.

How long does it take to build a form?

Minimal time. Unlike some form designers that require painfully slow HTML coding, Passport lets you build forms super fast—often in less than an hour from concept to finish.

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