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The Patient eSignature Platform Built for Epic Hospitals

Your single source for all patient electronic signature needs inside and outside of your Epic hospital.
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Your Complete Patient eSignature Platform for Epic

Welcome to Access, healthcare’s enterprise class patient eSignature platform vendor. We help you convert troublesome paper-based consent forms into Epic-integrated patient eSignature solutions that save time and money, and improve the experience of both clinicians and patients. With over 20 years of experience serving over 1,000 hospitals and solutions that capture over 1.5 billion eSignatures annually, we can help you achieve your paperless goals.

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Seamless Epic Integration

Your clinicians live in Epic, and it’s extremely important to put the solutions they need most right at their fingertips. That’s why we have built our solutions to seamlessly integrate inside of any and all Epic applications across your enterprise. Your users will feel as though the Access patient eSignature platform is such a natural extension of their Epic experience that they won’t even realize they’re using anything else.



Epic Integrated Patient Electronic Signature

Have a quick look at our Epic integrated Clinical eConsent solution through our convenient demo on demand. If you'd like to have a tailored demonstration with your team, we'd be happy to do that too.

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Beyond Epic

An eSignature Platform for Multi-EHR Health Systems

Many Epic systems have merged with or acquired hospitals that adopt other EHR systems such as Cerner and MEDITECH. Rest assured that our eSignature platform can be leveraged across any of these platforms and interfaced directly within the Cerner and MEDITECH EHR experience, allowing you to share the latest version of every form across hospitals regardless of EHR.

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We Make Happy Doctors & Nurses

The Access patient eSignature platform eliminates the problems with paper-based consents, such as lost forms, that cause costly delays in your OR, frustrates your doctors and nurses, harms the patient’s experience, and exposes legal risk. Your clinicians need solutions to help them easily solve problems, ease frustrations, save time, and focus more on patient care. The happiness of your doctors and nurses is the guiding tenet of our solution design and development ethos.

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Patient Experience & Your Hospital's Reputation

Any interaction your patients have with your hospital’s systems, infrastructure, and people influences their perception of your brand. This experience ultimately carries over into your hospital’s reputation. Our patient eSignature platform provides an intuitive tangible technology experience for your patients that makes their lives easier, which improves your hospital’s brand and reputation.

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Experience & Security You Can Trust

For 20 years, we’ve helped over 1,000 hospitals capture billions of patient electronic signatures across the globe, and we know what it takes to provide a successful patient eSignature project. We also understand how important cybersecurity is to your organization, which is why we’ve made the appropriate investments to ensure that we meet top-level 3rd party security standards.

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Hospitals require patient signatures on a variety of complex forms across multiple departments. Access provides the best and most comprehensive healthcare-focused eSignature platform in order to meet the unique needs of hospitals, including remote eSignature capabilities for services such as telehealth, pre-registration, and contactless check-in.



Access eSignature platform gives you the most efficient and effective technology tools, whether you need to capture a patient’s signature on an eConsent or you require additional functionality in the way of physician signature capture, data capture, rules-based data validation, rules-based workflows, or data integration with other systems.



Access is the only partner you need to address any patient electronic signature need across the entirety of your healthcare ecosystem. We believe technology is important, but so are relationships. With Access, you get a single point of contact that gets to know you, your team, and your hospital. Working with people you know and trust will allow you to get things done faster and more effectively.

Your Single Patient eSignature Solution For the Entire Enterprise

eSignature Platform by Department



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