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You Deserve Better Than Paper

We convert your difficult paper processes into Epic integrated tablet-enabled eForms solutions.  


Epic eConsent Demo

Have a quick look at our Epic integrated Clinical eConsent solution through our convenient demo on demand. If you'd like to have a tailored demonstration with your team, we'd be happy to do that too.

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Closing "Paper-Gaps" in Epic

Epic is a wonderful system, but there are still a few consistent "paper-gaps" related to bed-side Consents, Questionnaires, Government Forms, and more.  These paper processes cost you money and time, they aggravate your staff, and they hurt your reputation with your patients.  

We are here to convert your difficult paper processes to Epic integrated and tablet-enabled paperless solutions.




Our Three Part Epic eForms Approach

Our approach is simple. We just focus on making life easier for you and your users.


Epic Integrated Clinician Experience

We focus on making life easier for your Clinicians. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating our solution inside their Epic user interface experience.


Mobility & Bed-Side Capabilities

We design our solutions to make bringing eConsents to the bed-side easy for your Clinicians, and straightforward for your patients.


eConsents for All Epic Modules

Using multiple Form Design Tools is challenging and frustrating. We empower you with our WYSIWYG eForms Design Tool that creates forms that work across all Epic modules.




Epic Integrated & Tablet Enabled Informed Consents

Paper-based Informed Consents cause all kinds of problems from delays in the OR to frustrated staff and patients. Our Epic integrated and tablet-enabled eConsent solutions prevent lost forms and improve the experience for your clinicians and patients.


Our Three-Step eConsent Process


Step 1 | Shape

This is where the eConsent takes shape. We automatically stage an Informed Consent for a patient, and merge the appropriate procedure content onto the form.


Step 2 | Sign

The Informed Consent is transferred to a tablet via our "hand-off" function, and is presented to the patient for eSignature capture. The surgeon can then eSign the document too.


Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed it is electronically and automatically sent to the patient's chart for storage and archival. Lost forms are a thing of the past!


Epic Bed-Side eConsent On-Demand Webinar

Watch in great detail how our solutions integrate with Epic to convert the most difficult paper based processes into tablet-enabled solutions. We focus on making things easy for your clinicians, and improving your patient's experience.  

Paperless is Better

1,000+ hospitals across the globe have used Access solutions to create paperless solutions that makes clinicians happier and improves the patient experience. Let us help you further your paperless goals with our Epic integrated solutions.

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