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Remove Paper Gaps with Epic-Integrated E-forms

Despite taking big steps in eliminating paper across the enterprise, Epic hospitals still struggle with inefficient and costly paper gaps across a multitude of departments, such as patient registration, radiology and surgical services. More Epic hospitals are turning to Access for specialized help in converting these paper gaps into fully electronic, Epic-integrated, and tablet-enabled electronic forms.

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intuitive patient experience

A More Intuitive Patient Experience

A variety of factors influence a patient’s impression of your hospital and your ability to provide world-class care. One factor is the technology you use to interact with and serve your patients. Access helps you set the stage for an ideal patient experience by following these simple principles:

  1. Present patients with simple, intuitively designed eForms (e.g. consents, questionnaires, HIPAA compliance and other government forms, and more.)
  2. Present the full form for easy patient viewing on a portable tablet
  3. Allow patients to complete and electronically sign forms using a stylus or their finger
  4. Eliminate redundant data entry by the patient or staff by auto-populating data from Epic into the form
  5. Provide a straightforward and simple patient experience that minimizes additional stress

Keep E-forms Users in the Epic Universe

We consider it a tremendous success when hospital users don’t even know that we exist. Why? It means they have a seamless workflow between their Epic environment and our eForms technologies--as though they’ve never left the Epic EHR. Access means no cumbersome or intrusive workflows for your staff--fewer clicks equals happier staff and patients!

So how do we do it? It’s really as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

epic integration with Access

Surgical Services | Informed Consents

Informed consents seem to be the paper-based Achilles heel of every hospital. Paper is the root cause of an array of issues around the informed consent process ranging from:

  • Lost consents
  • Costly delays in the OR
  • Nursing overtime
  • Unhappy and stressed patients
  • Legal risks

Creating fully electronic informed consents through Access Passport can remedy all of these issues. Forms launch from within the Epic EHR. Procedural context is populated onto the form. Patients sign the form electronically. Forms are never lost. It’s as simple as that!

Radiology | Consents & Questionnaires

Is your Radiology staff tired of dealing with paper questionnaires and consents? Who has time to pepper patients with questions while frantically capturing their answers on the computer? You can free your staff from this administrative pain and introduce a better patient experience with self-service questionnaires and consents on handy tablets. Allow patients to electronically complete forms, annotate on images, and sign documents with ease and speed.

easy form design

Easy Form Design - No Coding Required

Do you find form creation to be a nightmare? You’re not alone. Creating forms often requires different tools for different service areas and/or modules. And in many cases, you have to know how to code! Too often all this effort leaves you with unusable forms that don’t even meet your needs--a square peg in a round hole.

Access’s easy-to-use Form Design Tool makes quick work of the most cumbersome forms with the most challenging elements. This includes government forms that must adhere to a rigid design format. Access’s extensive Forms Library also saves loads of effort for those who prefer not to recreate the wheel. It’s one Form Design Tool with unlimited possibilities.

Right-sized Solutions Designed to Grow with You

With Access, you don’t have to jump straight into the deep end with an enterprise solution. Making a big splash is great, but many hospitals need to be a bit more surgical (pun intended) in their eForms strategy. Tackle your most menacing paper-based challenges now and continue your journey to paperless across your hospital over time. Flexibility is the name of the game.


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