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See how patients can electronically sign forms at-home, in registration, and at the bed-side in a seamlessly integrated MEDITECH experience


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Hear from MEDITECH Customers

Over the years we've been able to form some wonderful relationships with our MEDITECH customers. Listen to what these MEDITECH IT leaders have to say about their experience with Access eForms.




We hear it all the time...You've implemented MEDITECH, and have converted most of your paper forms to electronic processes inside MEDITECH. However, you still are covered up with paper Consents, Questionnaires, Government Forms, and more. These paper processes cost you money and time, they aggravate your staff, and they hurt your reputation with your patients.  


You are not alone. We know your pain, and we are here to help.

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Your MEDITECH eForms & eConsent Partner

We deliver paperless solutions through seamless MEDITECH integration.

We know MEDITECH. For 20 years we've worked with MEDITECH hospitals pioneering Patient eSignature technologies to solve the paper-based challenges that cause you so many problems.  

We are Access and we are your paperless partner.

MEDITECH hospitals using Access solutions

Countries where Access is serving MEDITECH customers

Number of times Access has replaced other eForms vendors

Our Three Part MEDITECH eForms Approach

Our approach is simple. We just focus on making life easier for you and your users.


MEDITECH Integrated Clinician Experience

We focus on making life easier for your Clinicians. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating our solution inside their MEDITECH user interface experience.


Mobility and Bed-Side Capabilities

We design our solutions to make bringing eConsents to the bed-side easy for your Clinicians and straightforward for your patients.


Easy Form Design

Designing web-based forms can be challenging and frustrating. We empower you with our WYSIWYG eForms Design Tool that is simple yet powerful.


MEDITECH Integrated and Tablet Enabled Informed Consents

Paper-based Informed Consents cause all kinds of problems from delays in the OR to frustrated staff and patients. Our MEDITECH integrated and tablet-enabled eConsent solutions prevent lost forms and improve the experience for your clinicians and patients.


Our 3-Step eConsent Process


Step 1 | Shape

This is where the eConsent takes shape. We automatically stage an Informed Consent for a patient and merge the appropriate procedure content onto the form.


Step 2 | Sign

The Informed Consent is transferred to a tablet via our "hand-off" function and is presented to the patient for eSignature capture. The surgeon can then eSign the document as well.


Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed it is electronically and automatically sent to the patient's chart within MEDITECH Scan Archive for storage and archival. Lost forms are a thing of the past!

The Best Registration eSignature Solution for MEDITECH

There is no reason for you to still be using paper in Registration or settling for a less-than-stellar eSignature solution. Access eSignature solutions are intelligent, intuitive, and MEDITECH integrated. See for yourself why Access eSignature solutions are unrivaled in the MEDITECH space.



MEDITECH Informed Consent Demo

If you'd like to have a quick look at our MEDITECH integrated Clinical eConsent solution feel free to help yourself. Or if you'd like to have a tailored demonstration with your team, or need a Quote, we'd be happy to do that too.



Webinar 1 | MEDITECH Integrated Patient eSignature for Contactless Check-In

View this webinar to see how an enterprise patient electronic signature solution can allow you to extend eForms to your patients at-home to set the stage for a contactless check-in.

Watch Webinar 1

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Webinar 2 | MEDITECH Integrated Experience: Registration + Bed-Side + Physician Signature

View this webinar to view the Access eSignature solution at work inside of MEDITECH. Katie Curran and Steve Martin from MEDITECH demonstrate how how the paperless eSignature solution from Access integrates with MEDITECH to provide a seamless user experience in Registration, at the Bed-Side for Informed Consents, and a MEDITECH integrated Physician signature experience.

Watch Webinar 2

MEDITECH Webinar 2 MEDITECH Integration in Reg and at Bed-Side Thumbnail

Our Customers Eliminate Millions of Pieces of Paper

We have an array of hospitals that have eliminated millions of pieces of paper with our eSignature technology. Have a look the hospitals in our "Million eSignature Club," and know that we can do the same for you.

View the "Million eSignature Club"

A Business Case your CFO will appreciate

It's one thing to want an eForms and eConsent solution to solve your paper problems, but it's another thing to convince the Executives that it's a business move too. We've done all the heavy lifting for you to help you present a solid business case they'll appreciate.

Learn more in our strategy guide and playbook

The best eConsent solution for MEDITECH, period.
Tom Stafford
Halifax Health | CIO
Professional Services Team

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