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We love the work we do and the people we get to work with

The Leadership Team

We're a collection of highly motivated and disciplined individuals committed to personal and professional excellence.  

Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott


Tim started Access in 1999 with an eye towards helping businesses create more efficient forms processes. Through Tim's leadership the company has evolved into the global leader in healthcare electronic forms technologies. Tim's passion is developing leaders with a mindset first approach, and encourages people to "think about their thinking".

Davin Marceau

Davin Marceau


Davin grew up in Montana and served US Army Ranger for 10+ years seeing combat across multiple deployments. Through Davin's high caliber military career he learned how to mentally and physically prepare for and overcome adversity. He is a disciplined high performer that has applied lessons learned in the highest of stakes settings to the business world.

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley

VP of Sales

With 20+ years of healthcare technology experience Mike Kelley has obtained a vast amount of experience and wisdom. Mike is a master at communication, understanding people's problems, and aligning customers with the proper solutions. Most importantly Mike has established a reputation of integrity and showing up for his customers.

Cody Strate

Cody Strate

VP of Marketing

As the third employee at Access Cody has seen firsthand the evolution of the eForms industry. He has lead many innovation efforts, formed and solidified key partnerships, and grown Access to an international company. Cody understands people at a deep level and he incorporates that understanding into the Marketing and Sales strategies that places the customer and their problems first.

Scott Fuller 1

Scott Fuller


Scott has 20+ years of technology & security leadership experience. He has literally written the book on technology security. Actually, has written over 12 of them! Additionally, Scott is also a part of the Forbes Leadership Council on Technology. Scott's efforts have helped thousands of organizations understand, confront, and overcome significant security challenges. Additionally, Scott leads technology development efforts. Though his leadership Access is well positioned to develop secure high quality technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.


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