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Demo-on-Demand | View the tech on your own time

Nobody likes to see the "contact your sales rep" when you're just checking things out.  We know you're busy, and your time is valuable.  We've built this "demo-on-demand" for people like you so you can do some simple discovery on your own time.  Take a look at our MEDITECH integrated eConsent solution and, hey if you like what you see and want to learn more then you can let us know via the form below. 

Enjoy the demo and good on you for researching solutions to your paper problems!

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Your MEDITECH Integrated eConsent Solution

We get it!  Paper Consents cause all kinds of issues for you and your patients. 

We convert troublesome paper processes (like Consents) to MEDITECH integrated + tablet enabled eConsents. With a focus on ease of use for your clinical staff, and patient experience we know you'll love our paperless approach.  

We are Access and we believe you deserve better than paper.

Joint Presentation with Halifax Health at MUSE

If you're heading out to MUSE check out our presentation with Halifax.  We're going to tell the story about how a partnership between Halifax, MEDITECH, and Access lead to a MEDITECH integrated eConsent solution!


Ready to learn more about what our eConsent solution can do for you?   

We're really cool people  just like you , and we're super eager to help.  Just let us know your situation is and we'll get in touch with you.