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Webinar 2 | MEDITECH Integrated Experience: Registration + Bed-Side + Physician Signature

View this webinar to view the Access eSignature solution at work inside of MEDITECH. Katie Curran and Steve Martin from MEDITECH demonstrate how how the paperless eSignature solution from Access integrates with MEDITECH to provide a seamless user experience in Registration, at the Bed-Side for Informed Consents, and a MEDITECH integrated Physician signature experience.

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Paperless Solutions for 



Paper-based forms are a risk to your hospital. They cost your hospital time, money, and they can cause a poor patient experience. Your patients and your clinicians deserve better than a paper experience.

For over 20 years Access eForms has helped hundreds of MEDITECH hospitals across the world convert paper-based processes into MEDITECH integrated and tablet-enabled eForms solutions.

True Enterprise-Class Patient Electronic Signature Solutions



Provide a paperless registration experience for your patients that saves time, money, and gives your patients good first impression for the quality of care they can expect from your hospital.


At the Bed-Side

Keep your OR at optimal on-time efficiency by eliminating lost paper Informed Consents by capturing patient eSignature at the bed-side on a tablet. 


At Home

Capture patient eSignature outside your hospital as part of a tele-health strategy that incorporates electronic pre-registration and contactless check-in.


A Unique Relationship

Yes we are MEDITECH's eForms partner, but our relationship goes well beyond the norm.  Here are a few highlights...

  • MEDITECH owns our and uses our eForms solutions for business processes
  • MEDITECH includes our patient eSignature solution in MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS).
  • MEDITECH includes our eSignature solution in Expanse demonstrations
  • Access solutions help power "Project Greenfield"
  • We are partners with MEDITECH Australia, and MEDITECH South Africa

Patient eSignature for Registration

Have a look at the MEDITECH integrated patient eSignature solution.  Quickly convert your Registration process to a paperless process that reduces cost, improves patient throughput, and improves the patient first impression of your hospital.


MEDITECH Informed Consents Demo-on-Demand

Paper-based Informed Consents cause big problems for hospitals when they get lost.  MEDITECH integrated and tablet enabled Informed Consents through Access eliminate the paper, keep your OR on time, and improve the patient experience. 


Patient Electronic Signature At-Home

Allow your patients to electronically sign forms outside of your hospital in advance of their visit. Once the patient arrives they are met with a faster and safer contactless check-in process.


Hear from MEDITECH Customers

What is it like to partner with Access to convert your "paper-gaps" into MEDITECH integrated eForms and eConsent solutions?  Hear firsthand from MEDITECH customers about how they've leveraged Access solutions to improve their business and improve their lives.


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