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Pricing Made Simple

Quotes from vendors can often be difficult to obtain, and difficult to understand when you do receive them. 

We do our best to make obtaining and understanding pricing as simple as possible so you can get on as smoothly as possible with your eForms and eConsent project.

  • What is your licensing model?

    We are able to offer our solutions in a variety of ways to meet your organization's needs.  Most commonly our customers opt to go with a one-time capital acquisition of software.  Many customers will acquire the associated Professional Services from either a capital budget outlay or operational funds.  This is purely a budgetary decision for your hospital.  Finally, with the capital purchase of software there are associated annual support and maintenance fees.

    Should you wish to operationalize the acquisition of software we are more than happy to entertain this through subscription options.

  • Can I just buy Access for certain departments?

    Indeed you can!  Many customers want to dive into the "deep-end" and license our solutions for their entire enterprise.  However; it's very common for hospitals to want to take a more incremental approach to eForms and eConsents.  Should you wish to start your eForms and eConsent journey in Registration and then expand to other departments from there we will gladly accommodate your needs.

  • How long are implementations?

    Naturally, implementation timeframes largely depend upon the scope and scale of the project.  However, most projects are completed within three to six months from the "kick-off" call to begin the project, and the "kick-off" call generally occurs within a matter of weeks of the completion of the sale/purchase.

    We do our best to work succinctly and rapidly to deploy the desired eForms and eConsent solutions.  Furthermore, we work hard to eliminate as much burden from the customer as possible ensuring as much of a "turn-key" implementation as possible.  We do provide our new customers with certain deliverables, and expected timeframes of completion so we can keep the projects on track.  Life does happen, and we recognize our customers priorities may need to temporarily shift.  In those situations we're glad to work with those customers to sort out the best reasonable path forward.

  • Can we edit existing forms and create new ones?

    Absolutely!  We strive to empower our customers to be as self-sufficient as they want to be and we achieve this by providing the appropriate tools to create and edit forms.

  • Can I purchase extra Professional Services for my project?

    Yes, you can purchase additional Professional Services at any time.  Should you need to do this you may always work with your Access representative or click on the button directly below and complete the request.