Electronic Signatures

Clear your paper and ink path with Electronic Signatures.

Introducing e-signatures is one of the fastest ways to cut paper, and the costs and risks of using it. That’s assuming you choose the right product—one that’s mobile, integrated, flexible and secure. Access e-signatures check all those boxes and more.

Extends to any location and device

Streamlined user experience

Easy to gather multiple signatures

All the forms that need signatures in ONE view.

Everything related to your forms is in one place with Access Passport, including the ability to launch e-forms that require signatures, collect signatures directly on them without paper and ink, and review their status at a glance.

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E-Signatures and Access Passport
Access offers digital and electronic signature options and device integration
Choose from plenty of signature options.

Whether you require electronic signatures, digital signatures, LCD tablet capture or integration with leading e-signature vendors, our products have you covered with options that are as valid as ones written in ink.

Electronic Signatures
Apply paperlike wet e-signatures onto an e-form or capture them independently using a stylus or finger like a pen—on any touch-enabled device.

Digital Signatures
Enter a username and password to sign e-forms using 128-bit, PKI-based encryption that supports Active Directory, LDAP and third-party databases.

Signature Device Integration
Through relationships with device and software vendors and an industry-standard approach to integration, we complement virtually any signature technology.

Use any device from any location.

Declare your freedom from paper and software limitations with web-based e-signatures that can be collected anywhere inside or outside your network (registration, bedside, clinical floors, business areas and even from home). Our software works in concert with your HIS, ERP, ECM and other systems for seamless IT continuity. And you can use any device too—mobile tablets and smartphones running Apple iOS, Windows or Android; LCD pads; PCs; kiosks; WOWs (workstations on wheels); and more.

Electronic signatures software that works anywhere on any device
Collect multiple e-signatures on one e-form
Obtain multiple signatures easily.

You can collect as many signatures as you need in a single e-form interaction or within a multistep workflow process, routing the signed e-form automatically wherever it needs to go next.

Guarantee the integrity of e-signatures.

The entire e-form, or just portions of the e-form that require signatures, are locked each time it’s signed, ensuring that it cannot be altered or tampered with. You can attach files to a signed e-form (photos, scanned IDs and more) for identity verification. Network users are always validated against current, verified data—a secure authentication process. Signatures also receive a time-and-date stamp and can be tracked throughout the e-form’s life cycle.

Secure, binding e-signatures
eSig and eform data work together seamlessly
Bind e-signatures and data together.

When you collect an e-signature, you also capture all of the discrete data that goes along with it (date, time, location, device, signer and as on). It’s also linked with all of the content that’s contained in an accompanying e-form, which can be stored inside an ECM system or shared with other applications automatically.

Generate forms for signing automatically.

Based on your requirements, you can automatically generate e-forms that need to be signed as part of a process like registration. You also can launch e-forms that require signatures on demand from any location. Our software is so flexible, you can even have signers check boxes, answer questions and enter data right inside the signing window.

Automate launch e-forms with e-signtaures

Discover how Access removes the paper from your forms processes.

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