Integrated Electronic Forms and Electronic Signatures

Promote data interoperability with Enterprise Integration.

eForms can do things that paper just can’t. Like sharing data back and forth with all the other IT systems you use.
The information you collect in eForms is extremely valuable—Access makes sure you use, protect and share it accordingly.

Prefills fields with known data

Works with other APPs to cut steps

GETS DATA to the right places

Plug eForms into your bigger IT picture.

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources getting your HIS, EHR, ERP, ECM and other technologies up and running. Why not make sure you’re squeezing every ounce of value you can out of them. Access’s electronic forms platform integrates in a snap with MEDITECH, Cerner, Epic and all other major healthcare and business applications—so you can finally free your processes from paper while supporting the increasingly mobile nature of business.

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Electronic Forms and Electronic Signatures With Access Passport
E-Forms Bridge Gaps Between EHR, HIS, ERP, ECM and More
Bridge the gaps between your systems.

If you’re printing and scanning even one form or using a limited eForms product along with your “paperless” technologies, gaps in data accessibility, mobility and security still exist. Access easily fills these holes through two-way integration, meaning that Access can pull data from and send data to other systems, without manual effort. So data is never trapped on paper, and it’s always current and available. Here’s how you benefit:

  1. Use data from other systems to intelligently prefill eForms—saving time and effort.
  2. Update EHRs and other records with accurate, complete information in real time.
  3. Output unified eForms data to IT systems, databases and custom applications.
  4. Send eForms and eSignatures into ECM automatically, using the data for indexing.
Eliminate and automate steps in a process.

Here's an example of Enterprise Integration at work:

  1. An employee logs in to the self-service portal to change a detail in their W4.
  2. Once they launch the appropriate form, Access pulls the employee’s known information from the HR system into the eForm, helping speed completion.
  3. The employee changes the necessary fields and applies a secure eSignature.
  4. When the form is submitted, an image of it is automatically sent into ECM.
  5. Simultaneously, Access updates the employee’s record in the HR system with the new information—and if needed—notifies an HR staff member.
E-Form Process Automation with Integration
Cost-Effective Integration for Electronic Forms and Electronic Signatures
Benefit from flexible and cost-effective integration.

Enterprise software integration often is described as expensive, difficult and time-consuming. Access has turned that perception upside down, connecting eForms and the data they collect to your HIS, EHR, ECM, ERP and other applications with ease. Through industry-standard web services, partner-tailored connectors, and a streamlined approach, technical integration can happen within minutes.

Optimize eForms integration through web services.

Industry-standard web services connectivity is part of our core offering, which means our integration software works nicely with others. Our platform also offers unlimited expansion possibilities, empowering you to quickly extend Access into other departments, plug it into other applications, or deploy it across your enterprise.

E-Forms and E-Signature Web Services Integration
Clinical Device Data into EHR
Send clinical device data into EHRs.

Hospitals struggle to manage non-standardized print output across the enterprise—from clinical devices such as ECG/EKG and fetal monitors to COLD feeds to systems such as perinatal and endoscopy. Access captures this output; converts it into a standardized, usable format; and ports it directly into the correct EHR automatically.


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