Intelligent Electronic Form (e-form) Software from Access

Your paperless journey begins with Intelligent eForms.

We want to eliminate the things that are unnecessarily slowing you down, wasting your money and introducing risk. How, you ask? By replacing not-very-smart paper forms and other hassles that surround them with highly intelligent e-forms from Access.

Accessible from any device

Dynamic and intuitive features

Simple to complete and share

Find the form you need in seconds.

Our software unifies every element of electronic forms management, providing authorized users with access to all the features they need from ONE web-based interface—Access Passport. One place. One view. ALL of your forms.

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Electronic Forms with Access Passport
Electronic consent form (e-form)
Collect information in record time.

Paper forms are a pain for everyone. So we decided to make collecting information fast and simple. Our eForms can automatically pull in data from other systems so users can complete forms quickly without having to add redundant information. Lists, check boxes, help text and other useful features make finishing the rest of the form effortless. eForms also can be dynamic, adding and adapting content or triggering workflow based on a user’s actions.

Make eForms available from anywhere.

When forms are truly paper-free, they’re always accessible. We embrace paper-freedom, enabling you to work with eForms anywhere using Access Passport. Complete forms online or fill them out offline and submit when reconnected. You also can launch eForms from internal or external web pages and portals, making them available to staff, patients, vendors and other users inside or outside your network. Want to retrieve them directly from other software applications, like HIS or ERP systems? That works too.

Intelligent electronic forms (e-forms) from anywhere
Convert paper forms to electronic forms (e-forms)
Keep the look and feel of existing forms.

Easily interact with eForms that look and feel like the paper versions everyone’s used to—just without all of the delays, hassles and physical limitations. You can rapidly convert your current forms while retaining their original structure, which is particularly important for government-regulated forms like W-4s, I-9s and compliance documentation.

Create eForms that work on any device.

With Access, you can complete eForms on the go using an Apple iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows device. A touch-enabled interface makes it easy for users to interact with, complete, sign and approve eForms whenever they need to, wherever they are. And Access only requires you to design eForms once for use on all platforms.

Electronic form (e-form) software works on ALL devices
Attach files to electronic forms (e-forms)
Add attachments to eForms with ease.

Whether you require receipts to be submitted with an expense report or want a scanned image of an ID to accompany a registration form, our eForms are up to the task. With just a few clicks, users can attach any type of file to an eForm and submit them together.

Ensure your eForms and data are secure.

Because most of the information you collect is confidential or sensitive in nature, only the most secure eForms software will do. The moment an eForm is launched, and throughout its life cycle, you’ll know exactly who did what, when, where and how.

Secure electronic form (e-form) software from Access
Electronic Forms (e-forms) Are Always Current
Keep eForms current without hassles.

Want to avoid using outdated paper forms, wondering which version is current, and incurring the costs of printing new ones? With Access, you can modify, implement and deploy versioned eForms rapidly, keeping business logic and functionality intact while ensuring you’re always using the latest, compliant forms.


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