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Rapid Response eForms Program

In this time of crisis we'll help you rapidly bring turn-key paperless solutions to your hospital to protect your staff and your patients.


What is the COVID-19 Rapid Response eForms Program?

This is a scary time for all healthcare workers, and we want to do our part to help. We have configured our electronic forms products into a hospital centric, turn-key, and cloud-based solution that:

  • Eliminates paper
  • Protects your healthcare workers
  • Expedites patient throughput
  • Provides a hospital dashboard view
  • Allows for simple remote patient communication
  • Collects data for pre-registration 
Our goal is simple: We want to convert a burdensome paper process into a simple electronic process that can be rapidly delivered. You have enough to worry about. We want to make this easy for you and your team.

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One Program | Two Solution Options


The COVID-19 Rapid Response Pre-Registration Solution

Reducing and eliminating the opportunity to transmit the corona virus between people is imperative.  We've created a simple and rapidly deployable solution that allows patients to electronically complete and sign forms on their own devices at home in advance of their visit to your hospital.  This creates a "contactless" check-in process when the patient arrives at your hospitals, which reduces the chances of spreading the virus.

Step 1

Patient Completes Pre-Registration Forms At Home

The patient completes and electronically signs the required pre-registration forms at home on their own device.  Once complete, the form is submitted to the hospital.

Step 2

Pre-Registration Forms Received by Patient Access

Patient Access monitors the dashboard for inbound completed pre-registration forms.  Medical Record and Account Numbers can be applied to the electronic documents.

Step 3

Electronic Forms Sent to the Patient Chart

Once Patient Access completes the documents they're sent to the patient's chart where they're automatically indexed.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Pre-Registration Solution Demo

You're beyond busy. So for your convenience, we've created a simple demo-on-demand our cloud-based and turn-key COVID-19 Pre-Registration solution.  


The COVID-19 Rapid Response Screening Solution

We've created a simple hospital centric, cloud-based, turn-key digital screening solution that eliminates any paper from the screening process and better positions your hospital to connect with and respond to patients remotely.  The process has three simple steps...


Step 1

Patient Completes COVID-19 Screening Form Remotely

The patient completes the screening form remotely on their own device.  Once complete, the form is submitted to the hospital.


Step 2

Hospital Screening Form Dashboard Review & Next Steps

Hospital staff reviews the submitted screening forms in a central dashboard and designates the patient as a low, medium, or high-risk.


Step 3

Patient Communication & Pre-Registration

Once the sorting by risk designation has occurred the hospital can communicate with the patient and provide appropriate direction (ex. call your doctor, stay at home, etc).  

Central Scheduling can monitor the dashboard for the highest risk patients, communicate appropriately with the patient, and pre-register them.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Screening Solution Demo

You're beyond busy. So for your convenience, we've created a simple demo-on-demand our cloud-based and turn-key COVID-19 Screening Solution.  



Our approach to pricing for the Rapid Response eForms Solution is simple.  Affordability, transparency, and speed of delivery are driving this effort.  We just want to make a difference for your hospital, your healthcare workers, and for your community as fast as possible.

Pre-Registration Solution


per licensed bed (minimum of $300/month)


Web-based pre-registration forms
Dashboard configuration
ECM Image output configuration
URL delivery
Screening Solution


per licensed bed (minimum of $300/month)


Web-based COVID-19 Screening Form*
Required & contingent required fields
Hospital dashboard
Pre-registration data collection
*  Based on CDC guidelines

Security FAQ's

  • How secure is this solution?

    Our Rapid Response solution is hosted in a state of the art SOC certified datacenter that is reviewed every year by a third-party auditor to ensure strict adherence to current HIPAA standards. Moreover, each customer’s solution is separated onto their own virtual server to provide physical level separation of data. All of this resides behind an AES-256 protected firewall.

  • Will my data be safe?

    Each form and associated data is encrypted at the application level in addition to the digital certificate associated with the secured socket level. This means your data will be encrypted at rest as well as in transit. The entire solution and the data associated with your hospital will be automatically replicated and stored encrypted inside the data center.

  • How do we connect to this solution?

    A unique URL will be given to each customer that points to a secured socket-layer  port on a server dedicated to that customer. This means your data, credentials, and password will be safe during transit.

  • What is Access’ commitment to Security?

    Access takes pride in being the safest eforms solution provider in healthcare. We employ a full time CISO to oversee security initiatives such as:

    • SOC2 Type 2 and SOC3 Audits
    • Annual third-party risk assessments
    • Annual third-party code review
    • HiTrust-based security policies and procedures
    • Operating at the same standards as our healthcare customers

Solution FAQ's