Patient e-Signature Solutions Built to Healthcare Cybersecurity Standards

Because in healthcare security is not a luxury. It's a requirement. 

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Born from Healthcare | Built for Healthcare

For over 20 years we have built patient electronic signature solutions specifically for the highly diverse and unique needs of the healthcare industry. Our goal has been to provide eSignature solutions that seamlessly exist inside the EHR, improve the lives of clinicians, improve the business of the hospital, and improve the patient's experience. We are the right fit for your hospital's eSignature needs because we're intentionally and solely built for it.


Hardened Products for Business Continuity

While all industries need business continuity, the healthcare industry is on a level of its own. You need your technology products to consistently work, and they must not expose your hospital to additional security threats. Our technology is constantly tested by industry trusted 3rd parties to ensure a hardened and secure technology product that you can confidently bring into your ecosystem.


Meet Our Independent 3rd Party Security Partners


Vulnerability and infrastructure analysis

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Fully automated code vulnerability testing


QA code review & product hardening

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Can Your Other Vendors Say They Have An A+ Security Rating?

With Securityscorecard, we have looked high and low across our enterprise to ensure we are a secure partner you can trust.

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Downloadable Security & Analysis Reports

Download our SOC3 Report Today

For complete transparency we've made our SOC3 Report from IS Partners LLC readily available for you to download today.


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Request Report on your Current 3rd Party Vendors

Healthcare Data Security is a top level concern for hospitals & Access, which is why working with only the most secure 3rd party vendors is essential. We're here and always willing to help. Send us your top 5 3rd party vendors, and we'll send you their security scores. Then, review this information with your vendors to encourage a more secure Healthcare Environment.

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Hospital Security Scorecard

Listen to Our CIO's Take on Security

Listen to Scott Fuller, our CIO, discuss how he's made security such a priority at Access, and his reasoning behind it.


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