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Trackable eForms

Say goodbye to lost forms and always know where forms are in the approval process.  

Mobile Device Capable

View, complete, and eSign any document on any mobile device.

Attach Supporting Documents

Ensure all supporting documentation flows electronically with the eForm.

Concurrent Approvals

Reduce the waiting, and get multiple people to approve the form at the same time.



You're more mobile than you ever have been before. We bring the forms to you so you can view, interact, and eSign forms on your mobile device.  

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Trackable eForms are better than lost paper forms

How many times have you asked the question "Where is that form, I submitted for approval two weeks ago?" Yep, we've been there too. That's why we put form tracking features at your fingertips. Find out where your forms are in the approval process at any time. Oh, and if you want notifications sent to you we've got you covered there too.

Track Forms
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North Kansas City Hospital Saves Big

North Kansas City Hospital captures significant savings by converting a paper-based back-office to a Lawson integrated electronic system with Access.

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