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Paper-Based Informed Consents are the Worst

We know paper-based Informed Consents cause your hospital significant problems. They're constantly getting lost, and when that happens, things fall apart. Lost paper Informed Consents can cost you time, money, and your hospital's reputation.  

We help you put an end to paper-based Clinical Consent problems with our EHR integrated eConsent solutions. You and your patients deserve better than paper, and we can get you there.


EHR Integrated & Tablet Enabled Informed Consents

Paper-based Informed Consents cause all kinds of problems from delays in the OR to frustrated staff and patients. Our EHR integrated and tablet-enabled eConsent solutions prevent lost forms and improve the experience for your clinicians and patients.



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Build your Clinical eConsent Business Case

Need to justify a Clinical eConsent project to your executive team, and looking for the resources to form a solid business case? We've done the heavy lifting for you! Try our "Clinical eConsent Starter Pack," and create your common sense business case today.

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Our Three-Step eConsent Process


Step 1 | Shape

Our solutions automatically stage an Informed Consent for a patient, and merge the appropriate procedure content onto the form.


Step 2 | Sign

The Informed Consent is transferred to a tablet via our "hand-off" function, and is presented to the patient for eSignature capture. The surgeon can eSign the document, too.


Step 3 | Send

Once the form is electronically signed, it's electronically and automatically sent to the patient's chart for storage and archival. Lost forms are a thing of the past!

eConsent Demo

If you'd like to have a quick look at our EHR integrated Clinical eConsent solution, feel free to help yourself. Or if you'd prefer a tailored demonstration with your team, we'd be more than happy to do that too.

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Our Customers Eliminate Millions of Pieces of Paper

Many hospitals have eliminated millions of pieces of paper with our eSignature technology. Have a look the hospitals in our "Million eSignature Club," and know that Access can do the same for you.

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See how we integrate with your EHR


Prelude, ClinDoc, Radiant, OpTime, and more. We've got you covered with smooth Epic integration.


Our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH is deep and rich. Through our joint development we create meaningful integrated solutions. By the way, MEDITECH is an Access customer too!


Our Cerner integration keeps your users inside their Cerner experience. If you go to the Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC) you'll find Access there.


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