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Close “paper gaps” across your enterprise

The cost and inefficiency of paper impacts all points of a hospital’s function—from registration to inpatient care to surgical services to medical records management and so on. Paper forms that exist outside the EMR and inevitably become lost or misplaced, not to mention that any data on a paper form has zero mobility. And that doesn’t just have a direct impact on the clinical team’s ability to do their jobs, it affects the accuracy and compliance of the medical records themselves.

More hospitals are turning to Access Passport for specialized help in converting these “paper gaps” across the enterprise into fully electronic, EMR-integrated, and tablet-enabled electronic forms—and modernizing care delivery and HIM in the process. From Registration Consents to Informed Consents, government forms and beyond, Access has your enterprise eForms needs covered.

Eliminate frustrating “rogue” forms

How often do forms show up in your HIM department that you’ve never seen before, or appear to be mutated versions of approved forms? All too often, staff create their own forms in Microsoft Word or another application, then put those forms into circulation without the forms committee's approval.  We’ve even seen staff hide older versions of forms in the ceiling tiles! HIM directors see head-shaking situations like this all the time that cause troublesome form compliance risks.

Rogue forms breed compliance risk and leave your hospital open to legal threats. But with electronic forms, your forms committee can ensure all of your administrative staff and clinicians are working with only approved, up-to-date forms that follow compliance mandates and the appropriate, current standards set forth by the hospital and governing bodies, such as JCAHO.

Less paper means less scanning

Let’s face it, you have better things to do than scanning paperwork into your enterprise content management system all day. An electronic forms solution removes the paper and with it, the mundane and error-prone manual scanning that goes with it. The more paper-based processes you allow Access Passport to transform to electronic means fewer pieces of paper for your HIM staff to handle.

Many Access customers eliminate over 20,000 pieces of paper each week that would otherwise require HIM staff to physically scan and index. Let Access Passport help you dig out from your paper-based issues so you can focus on more important tasks.

Connect forms to the patient record instantly

The delay in getting paper forms into the patient record can be frustrating. With Access Passport, electronically completed forms are instantaneously sent into the appropriate patient chart and automatically filed into the appropriate location, eliminating wait time and letting medical records staff move through their activities more smoothly.

Prepare for unexpected JCAHO visits

A JCAHO visit is about as much fun as stubbing your pinky toe—and just as unexpected, too. These visits are often unannounced and can include audits of a wide range of areas within your organization. Forms compliance is one important area of JCAHO reviews, and pre-printed forms leave hospitals in reactive mode. If forms are found out of compliance, the process to redesign, reprint, redistribute, inform users of the updates, and collect the out-of-compliance forms can take several months. And still, out-of-compliance forms may trickle into HIM for years to come.

With Access eForms, form updates or revisions can happen immediately, so you can remedy any JCAHO compliance issues instantly.  Go from “Oh no, JCAHO is here” to “Bring it on JCAHO.”

Say goodbye to lost forms drama

One of the biggest and most frequent pains for HIM? Dealing with lost forms. With such a high volume of paper flowing through an organization, it’s not uncommon for forms to become lost on their way to HIM or worse—forms get incorrectly indexed into another patient’s chart.

With Access, you can easily track the location of any patient form in real time. Completed forms automatically flow into the correct patient’s chart. Let us help you make lost forms issues a thing of the past.

Create custom forms – No coding needed

Going paperless does not have to be black hole for IT resources. Access's easy-to-use Form Design Tool makes quick work of the most cumbersome forms with even the most challenging content elements, letting you produce simplified, browser-delivered forms with no coding required. This includes government forms that must adhere to a rigid design format. Access's extensive Forms Library also saves loads of effort for those who prefer not to recreate the wheel. It's one Form Design Tool with unlimited possibilities.

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