Access Solutions — Accounting + Financials

If your accounting department is like most, it’s burdened by the budget and productivity costs of processing paper forms. Document loss, rework and information-sharing issues also keep you from operating efficiently. If you want to simplify capital requests, travel-expense reports, invoicing or other accounting routines, an Access solution can help—dramatically.

Human Resources

Nothing is more important than hospital staff. So why not make your people processes (human resources) as fast, error-free and efficient as possible? From new employee onboarding and performance evaluations to employment applications and benefits management, an Access solution helps you help others—cutting all of the paper that stands in your way.

Access Solutions — Human Resources
Access Solutions — Contract Management
Contract Management

Managing paper copies of contracts wastes time, creates version control issues and increases costs. Sharing contracts securely between internal and external parties is difficult, and contracts are almost impossible to track. It is also challenging to proactively manage contract review and renewals. An Access solution removes all of these obstacles and more.


Healthcare is subject to ever-increasing regulations, and mandates continue to grow in complexity. While teams often are in place and a lot is spent to meet these requirements, many fail to get control what composes up to 80 percent of all documents: paper forms. An Access solution changes that equation—removing the perils of paper.

Access Solutions — Compliance
Purchasing and Procurement

When purchase orders, requisition orders, RFPs, vendor/supplier registration and other forms are paper-based, it’s a challenge to stay organized and efficient. With an Access solution, there’s a better way—simplifying information collection, eliminating the costs of paper, automating manual steps, preventing redundant effort and many other benefits.

Risk Management

Too many risk management teams have to make reactive, after-the-fact decisions because the information surrounding incident reporting and other key processes is isolated or trapped on paper. By replacing paper forms with an Access solution, you’ll have deeper insight into the data your organization collects, because it’s electronic, accessible and secure from the start.

Access Solutions — Risk Management
Materials Management

Keeping up with supply, equipment and other inventory needs is difficult if you use paper forms. Logistics are further complicated if you’re an IDN or large facility. Access solves the equation, removing the weakest link in your supply chain—paper. Our solution simplifies requests, speeds approvals, automates steps and updates your MMIS and other systems across the enterprise.


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