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One application solves paper gaps everywhere

With Access eForms, hospitals have a single technology to effectively solve a variety of specific, paper-based problems across clinical and administrative departments. For IT managers and teams, this minimizes the complexity and headaches of having multiple niche technologies from many vendors to learn, manage and support on a daily basis.

Simplify your life with turn-key implementation

No need to worry about the disruption or complexity that can come from a typical, large-scale rollout. Our simplified approach to deployment puts minimal drain on your hospital’s information technology resources. We’ll work closely with your IT team from start to finish, ensuring the process from implementation to go-live is just as easy and straightforward to navigate as the Access Passport application itself.

Code-free, web-based forms design

Access’s easy-to-use Form Design Tool makes quick work of the most cumbersome forms with even the most challenging content elements. Even those with minimal form design experience can produce complete, browser-delivered forms—no HTML5 coding required.

Simple, intuitive and powerful, our Form Design Tool makes it easy for anyone to build new forms and workflows around form validation rules, such as required fields and dynamic required fields along with dynamic workflow delivery options.

Expand powerful eForms capabilities quickly

With the simplicity of Access eForms, you can quickly expand the application to close “paper gaps” in other areas of the hospital with little effort. Realize the same benefits in time-, paper- and cost-savings, improved compliance and patient experience in any department, and the ability to quickly bring new users up to speed.

Air-tight form version control

Take control of the “rogue forms” problem once and for all. Allow authorized users with the ability to create or alter eForms as needed, but lockdown publication privileges. All eForms must go through your “forms czar” (i.e. forms committee chair) before they are put into production, which essentially eliminates version control issues that are synonymous with paper-based forms. Simplified version control keeps policy and compliance risks in check and makes life easier for IT and hospital staff alike in
maintaining accurate, up-to-date forms.

Enjoy virtually undetectable EMR integration

One of the best aspects of Access is the seamless integration between our eForms and your EMR. The tight integration with leading EMRs like Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH and athenahealth lets your users work uninterrupted within the familiar environment they spend all of their time in. Simply put utilizing Access Passport means users stay in their EMR universe rather than hopping out to a separate 3 rd part vendor solution—fewer clicks equals less support challenges for you, and happier staff and patients!

Be an IT hero

Close paper gaps across your entire enterprise. By championing a single simple, easy-to-use electronic forms solution, you’ll give your customers what they want: simple and intuitive solutions delivered quickly in a no-fuss manner. Rapid deployment and minimal support—these are the building blocks of becoming an IT hero. Save the day by creating happy customers and even happier administration.

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