Struggling with forms and signatures?

Remove paper gaps to improve bedside care

The cost and inefficiency of paper doesn't end at patient check-in. For admitted patients and inpatient care providers, paper forms residing outside the EMR can become lost or misplaced, include illegible information or leave users wondering if they have the latest version. And that has a direct impact on the clinical team's ability to do their jobs.

More hospitals are turning to Access Passport for help in easily converting these paper gaps into fully electronic, EMR-integrated, and tablet-enabled electronic forms—with minimal IT involvement.

Increase mobility with tablet-enabled eForms

Move beyond workstations on wheels (WoWs) by using tablet-enabled eForms instead of paper at the patient's bed-side. Access Passport lets you present intuitive eForms to your patients using your choice of tablet device, so nurses and other care providers can capture informed consents and patient signatures quickly and easily.

Simplify form handoff between devices

Streamlining the forms handoff process saves immense time and minimizes patient safety risks. Access's patent-pending capabilities let you handoff forms to a tablet device from either a workstation or the patient's bar-coded wristband. Collect secure electronic signatures on informed consents or any other eForm in seconds, then send the form directly into the electronic medical record (EMR) for secure, up-to-date information along the patient journey.

Ensure form continuity with staged forms

Electronic forms in Access Passport follow the patient through their entire patient journey. If eForms are initiated and partially completed in one department, they are readily available for completion at a later time, regardless of the department to which the patient moves. Form continuity is key with Passport, along with the ability for nursing staff to easily see patient forms still in an "incomplete" status. No one wants a stack of incomplete forms showing up to HIM after the patient has been discharged, and Access Passport helps to ensure this does not happen.

Deliver an optimal patient experience

By partnering with Access to provide a more efficient, paperless inpatient care process, you also set a positive tone for the entirety of the patient experience. Keeping patients happy with simple, intuitive, easy-to-navigate forms they can complete on a tablet at their bedside goes a long way toward building and maintaining patient satisfaction and loyalty. In the end, it's all about the patient, and improving their experience. And if HCHAPS scores happen to improve along the way, all the better!

Enjoy virtually undetectable EMR integration

One of the best aspects of Access is the seamless integration between our eForms and your EMR. The tight integration with leading EMRs like Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH and athenahealth lets your inpatient care team work uninterrupted within the familiar environment they inhabit every day. Access means your users stay in their EMR universe rather than hopping out to a separate 3rd part vendor solution—fewer clicks equals happier staff and patients! If your end users think we’re just an extension of their EMR, that's the way we like it.

Create custom forms – No coding needed

Going paperless does not have to be black hole for IT resources. Access's easy-to-use Form Design Tool makes quick work of the most cumbersome forms with even the most challenging content elements, letting you produce simplified, browser-delivered forms with no coding required. This includes government forms that must adhere to a rigid design format. Access's extensive Forms Library also saves loads of effort for those who prefer not to recreate the wheel. It's one Form Design Tool with unlimited possibilities.

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