Close the paper gaps in radiology

Your radiology department may be one of the highest volume areas of the hospital, with hundreds of patient appointments every week. Pre-imaging questionnaires and consents take significant time for staff and patient to complete, and can cause appointment time delays that impact the entire day’s schedule.

Access eForms provide radiology teams with the ability to easily create and modify imaging-specific questionnaires and consents—simplifying the check-in process for patients and eliminating inefficiencies or potential for missing information.

Tablets or LCDs: The choice is yours

Electronic forms mean greater portability and eliminate the unwieldy stack of paper forms we’ve all experienced at patient check-in. By integrating with your choice of tablet or LCD technology used for patient eSignature capture, Access gives you the flexibility to deploy electronic forms according to the specific needs of your facility and processes.

Enable seamless and secure forms handoff

Streamlining the forms process between staff and patient saves immense time and eliminates the risk of lost forms or unauthorized viewing of patient information. Access’s patent-pending handoff capabilities let you collect secure electronic signatures on radiology consents and any other eForm in seconds, then send the form directly into the electronic medical record (EMR) for easy, secure access along the patient journey.

An unparalleled paperless registration experience

Avoid the frustration of handwritten “fill in the blank” procedural forms and the redundancy of maintaining a unique paper form for MRIs, CT scans, mammograms, etc. Access eForms let you dynamically populate specific radiology procedural content, such as procedure description, risks, gender-specific details and more as needed for accurate, complete, fully informed consents every time.

Pinpoint metal in the body

Knowing if and where patients have metal inside their body is a standard question before any radiology procedure. In the past, capturing this important information required drawing on a paper form. With Access, you have this same capability in an electronic form. Easily draw directly on the body image where metal is found and annotate any critical details, so your radiology technologists have full awareness of the patient and how to proceed.

Enjoy virtually undetectable EMR integration

One of the best aspects of Access is the seamless integration between our eForms and your EMR. The tight integration with leading EMRs like Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH and athenahealth lets your radiology team work uninterrupted within the familiar environment they work in every day. Access means no cumbersome or intrusive workflows for your staff—fewer clicks equals happier staff and patients!

“Many of the clinical staff probably aren't even aware that Access Passport is a separate product because of its tight integration with Epic.” - Leading Las Vegas trauma center

Deliver a great patient experience

By partnering with Access to provide a more efficient, paperless radiology process, you also set a positive tone for the entirety of the patient experience. Keeping patients happy with the timeliness and ease of their appointment goes a long way toward building and maintaining patient loyalty, not to mention stronger HCAHPS scores.

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