Patient Registration

An unparalleled paperless registration experience

For 15+ years, Access has provided hundreds of hospital systems in the US, Canada, UK and Europe with an unrivaled eSignature solution. While eSignature solutions across industries are plentiful, Access stands alone in offering the best-in-class, purpose-built solution for healthcare that focuses on:

  • Expediting the registration process
  • Creating a positive first impression for the patient
  • Ensuring every part of every required form is complete
Significant paper savings

One of the most obvious savings for our hospital customers shows up in huge paper reduction. Some hospitals capture more than 25,000 eSignatures each week which amounts to over 1.3 million pieces of paper eliminated each year. That’s over 13,000 pounds (6.5 tons) of paper … the equivalent of more than 156 trees … or covering 2 football fields. In other words, we save organizations a LOT of paper.

See how we help...

“Bringing in Access is a win for us because it allows us to upgrade our forms management technology, gives us the electronic patient signature functionality we need, and helps us get rid of paper hospital-wide.” – Sheri Rawlings, CIO, San Juan Regional Medical Center

See significant savings in time and cost

For hospitals, electronic forms save a tremendous amount of time for staff and care providers by ensuring faster, more accurate collection of patient information. E-forms eliminate costly paper utilization and mitigate the potential legal risks of paper forms being lost, damaged, or subject to fraud.

Free your hospital staff from data entry drudgery and reallocate their energy toward more valuable patient care focused tasks.

Tablets or LCDs: The choice is yours

Electronic forms mean greater portability and eliminate the unwieldy stack of paper forms we’ve all experienced at patient check-in. By integrating with your choice of tablet or LCD technology used for patient eSignature capture, Access gives you the flexibility to deploy electronic forms according to the specific needs of your facility and processes.

Improve the patient experience from the outset

The patient experience begins as soon as they enter your hospital doors. Apprehension and worry are common with any hospital visit, and a complicated, redundant flurry of paper forms only increase patient anxiety. Electronic forms instill confidence in patients and communicate a modern, safety- and efficiency-oriented focus from your hospital.By partnering with Access to provide a streamlined, paperless registration process, you not only achieve greater operational efficiency for staff, you set a positive tone for the entirety of the patient experience. Word of a negative experience travels fast, so keeping patients pleasantly satisfied with their paper-free registration experience goes a long way toward building and maintaining your hospital’s brand in the community it serves.

Accelerate patient check-in

Too often hospital visits immediately conjure up thoughts of long wait times and delays. With Access eSignature in Registration, not only is the patient experience better, but the registration process runs much smoother. This promotes greater efficiency for the entire patient visit and streamlines throughput for your revenue cycle management efforts.

30% average reduction in registration time for direct admits and scheduled outpatient visits – Halifax Health

Discover the ROI of eSignatures

Electronic signatures technology sounds like an efficiency booster, but what are the hard numbers? What are the cost savings when you start to eliminate over one million pieces of paper each year?  Take a closer look at the value you could gain from using eSignatures. Try our ROI Calculator to see what savings await you!

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