Surgical Services

Deliver a world-class patient experience start to finish

Your Surgical Services team has a stellar reputation for surgery outcomes. Don’t let a clunky, frustrating paper-based forms process tarnish it. Access eForms help you align the front-end patient experience with your excellent surgical care to exceed patient expectations from the moment they arrive at your hospital and at every touch point.

Gather important patient information and capture Informed Consents using simple, customizable electronic forms and eSignature capabilities, enabled by your choice of tablet or LCD. Eliminate lost Informed Consents that increase patient anxiety, decrease patient satisfaction, and frustrate your surgical team.

Create happier surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses

For many hospitals, Surgical Services accounts for 60% or more of overall revenue. To achieve and maintain that profit, you need highly efficient workflow and a completely focused care team—something virtually impossible with paper-based Informed Consents.

Modern, competitive hospitals choose a paperless approach to capturing Informed Consents, Anesthesiology Consents, and other Surgical Services forms. Surgical Services and OR staff have a hard enough job without lost paper Informed Consents that bring the OR workflow to a standstill. Access eliminates paper-based issues such as incomplete forms and lost forms—keeping surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses focused on their jobs of surgical intervention. The result? A happier work environment for them and a better care experience fo

Reduce surgery delays and downstream impacts

Just one surgery delay can create a cascade of inefficiency, not only on the patient surgery in question but on the full day’s surgery schedule. Surgery delays stem from a number of reasons, whether it’s late arrival by surgeon or patient, lack of proper scheduling, or missing/incomplete consents.

Access eForms and eSignatures solutions address each step of the patient’s pre-surgery journey to help ensure you have complete Informed Consents that are trackable through their lifecycle and integrated with your EMR.

“14% of total operative cases were delayed due to missing informed consents.” - JAMA Surgery

Dynamically populate procedural content and save time

Avoid the frustration of handwritten “fill in the blank” procedural forms, the redundancy of maintaining a unique paper form for every procedure—and worst of all, the legal-risk laden “generic” consent form. Access eForms let you dynamically populate specific procedural content, such as procedure description, risks, and more as needed for accurate, complete consents every time.

Need to change some of the language across multiple forms? No problem. With Access, easily make universal changes to any number of forms or versions—a huge time-savings for your staff.

Protect your surgeons and hospital from legal risks

No surgeon or hospital wants to face a malpractice suit, but when Informed Consents fail to properly reflect the conversation about the procedure between the patient and their Surgeon, legal risks arise. Furthermore, last-minute, day-of-surgery Informed Consent capture delivered by an unfamiliar resident or other clinical staff leaves anxious patients with misunderstandings about the procedure and all possible outcomes.

“Of 233 malpractice claims related to spinal surgery, 153 cases cited lack of informed consent (66%).” - JAMA Surgery

Realize significant savings by going paperless

Though it’s one of your highest revenue-producing areas, Surgical Services is also one of your most costly. Paper-driven processes create inefficiencies that may happen once but cause a costly domino effect on subsequent patient steps or other scheduled surgeries. In some studies, as many as 84% of ‘first case of the day’ surgeries are delayed, which can delay all other procedures occurring in that same OR! At an estimated cost of $60 - $100 per lost minute of OR time and a nationwide average delay of 24 minutes, the dollars add up quickly, and this does not even factor in nursing staff overtime that results from a day of delayed surgical cases.

Access eForms help eliminate the opportunities for paper-based challenges that often lead to surgery delays, lost revenue, nursing overtime, and unhappy staff and patients.

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