A Long and Winding Road

San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Paperless Forms Journey


Webinar Background

The concept of “going paperless” holds so much promise—cost savings, real-time information sharing, improved patient outcomes and many other benefits. Particularly in the area of forms management, where hospitals feel the negative impact that paper, printers and scanners have on their routines with every patient who comes through the door.

More than 15 years ago, San Juan Regional Medical Center, a 254-licensed-bed, level III trauma center in Farmington, N.M., decided to do something about the costs and inefficiencies of paper forms by moving down a paperless forms path. What they discovered was that this road would be full of bumps, potholes, tolls and detours.

Join Sheri Rawlings, CIO at San Juan Regional Medical Center, as she discusses the past, present and future of their paperless forms experience—a fascinating and educational journey that webinar attendees are sure to benefit from.

Watch this free educational webinar today, and you’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid the roadblocks—costs, hassles, delays and more—that can derail your hospital’s paperless forms initiatives
  • Implement e-forms that enhance your current environment while also preparing you for what’s next in healthcare IT
  • Design and deploy paper-free e-forms and e-signatures quickly and cost-effectively across the enterprise
  • Integrate e-forms, e-signatures and clinical data seamlessly into MEDITECH, ECM and other systems without manual effort
  • Eliminate the time-consuming task of processing paper output from numerous clinical systems and devices
  • Introduce forms-based workflow to automate process steps, streamline approvals and make data available in real time
  • Get the e-forms solution you need (and want) without being constrained by vendor or product shortcomings