How Web-Based Forms and Signatures Are Sweeping Away a Hospital’s Paper Costs and Inefficiencies

When an area of a hospital is able to save time and money, news travels fast. Such is the case of the paperless eForms and eSignatures project at tech-savvy North Kansas City Hospital in Missouri.

Join Margo Holden, applications systems analyst at NKCH, for an inside look at the hospital’s forward-thinking approach to improving efficiency, speeding processes and cutting costs through integrated, web-based forms management software. She’ll discuss the past, present and future of their experience—an informative, educational presentation that you’re sure to learn from.

During this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Process, sign, route and approve web-based forms without a single piece of paper
  • Integrate e-forms, e-signatures and collected data seamlessly into your EMR
  • Cut process steps and eliminate data collection errors through automation
  • Make eForm updates easily, eliminating wasted stock and ensuring forms are current

clearing a paper path webinar.png

Watch the Webinar