Webinar: EPIC Integrated Tablet-Enabled Informed Consent Solutions

Webinar Agenda


+ EPIC order based workflow (NEW FUNCTIONALITY)
Procedure Content Information Management Services (NEW FUNCTIONALITY)

In addition to that we'll also demonstrate the following existing functionality to provide the complete picture of the advanced Informed Consent solution...

+ Advanced Patient eSignature
+ Bed-side eSignature capabilities
+ Tablet-enabled Integration
+ Tablet-enabled Radiology Questionnaires w/ image annotations
+ Digital government forms | POLST/MOLST
+ Q&A

We  know that paper-based Informed Consents cause many problems for EPIC hospitals.  We have your electronic answer to paper-based Informed Consent challenges, but we also focus heavily on your clinician user experience.  This is where our EPIC-CENTRIC approach is key to ensuring success.  EPIC UI integration as well as Order Based Workflow is critical, and this is exactly what we want to showcase in this pre-HIMSS webinar.  

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