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On-Demand Webinar 2

Epic-Integrated & Tablet-Enabled Radiology Consents & Questionnaires


Webinar Background

The downfalls of traditional paper-based Radiology Consents & Questionnaires created obstacles for the team at University Medical Center. From non-optimal patient interaction to a shortage of hospital staff, UMC recognized the need for improvement and chose to act on it by integrating their Epic EHR with Access eForms.

The integration improved both hospital and patient processes. Today, patients can fill out tablet-enabled Consents and Questionnaires quickly and easily—and hospitals can improve patient satisfaction while keeping track of electronic consents with ease.

Brian Rosenberg, UMC One Program Director, will discuss this path towards paperless Informed Consents, and share "lessons learned" of the benefits and  areas of struggle around this conversion. The topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Launching Consents & Radiology Questionnaires from ClinDoc & Radiant
  • Patients interacting and electronically signing forms on tablets
  • Patients digitally drawing on body images
  • Scanning patient wristbands with Tablets to “hand-off” forms to tablets
  • Freeing up hospital staff
  • Increasing patient satisfaction

Watch our 1-hour webinar, Epic-Integrated & Tablet-Enabled Radiology Consents & Questionnaires.

Stick around until the end for a three-minute Electronic Consent and MRI Questionnaire demo.