On-Demand Webinar

From Paper to Epic Integrated & Tablet Enabled Informed Consents



Webinar Background

Brian Rosenberg, UMC One Program Director, will discuss his path towards paperless for Informed Consents, and share "lessons learned" of the benefits and areas of struggle around this conversion. The topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Launching Informed Consents from OpTime & ClinDoc
  • Capturing electronic signatures using iPads and other tablets/mobile devices
  • Scanning patient wristbands with Tablets to view staged Consents
  • Decreasing lost Informed Consents
  • Reducing delayed Surgical Cases
  • Increasing patient satisfaction

Like many Epic hospitals, University Medical Center struggled with paper-based Informed Consents. After taking the leap and transitioning to paperless, UMC now enjoys Epic-integrated and tablet-enabled Informed Consents.

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Stick around until the end for a three-minute Electronic Informed Consent demo.